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For Immediate Release – Orangeville, Ontario      UPDATE

Long-time Orangeville resident, community champion and current member of Orangeville Council, Joe Andrews seeks re-election as Councillor in the fall 2022 Municipal Election. 

As part of his re-election campaign, his official Platform is announced.

September 5th, 2022


Joe Andrews has been part of Orangeville’s fabric for over 30 years.  He is known for his out-standing commitment to this region as a leader in education, business and as an award-winning Volunteer of countless community activities and organizations.

Since his election to Orangeville Council in 2018, he has demonstrated throughout this term his strong integrity, applying in every decision made fiscal responsibility and accountability.

‘I have consistently displayed my ability to focus on the key issues affecting our Town today and for the long-term.  I brought to the table years of senior-level experience in both the public and private sectors which has paid huge dividends.  This Council has worked together and has done so for the betterment of our community.  I am proud of what has been accomplished, yet there is so much more to do.’   –  Joe Andrews, Councillor

Just as promised when he was elected in 2018, he stood firm on ensuring Orangeville residential taxation increases were kept to a minimum every year during this term.

A huge supporter of our business community, through his leadership of BEDAC – Business Economic Development Advisory portfolio, key business attraction measures were implemented resulting in significant growth and investment during this term of over $250 Million dollars in Orangeville’s retail, industrial and external infrastructure sectors creating 100’s of new local jobs.  And this figure does not include the robust residential housing developments recently completed or those to be in the near future. 

After a lengthy and detailed review, he endorsed the transition to the OPP embracing the long-term financial benefits and significant law enforcement resources to support our community.

An advocate for community safety, Joe Andrews has ensured that our neighbourhoods remain that way through safety mitigation strategies such as the reduction of specific residential speed limits to 40Km/h and strategically placed Stop signs in growing neighbourhoods. 

As Co-chair of the first ever Town EDI – Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion committee, Joe Andrews addressed the need for specific EDI awareness and training including the creation of new events for our culturally growing and diverse community in Orangeville.

Joe sat as an instrumental member of the Men’s Homelessness Committee recognizing the affordable housing issues and is supporting the development of both an affordable multiple-unit housing project and a local Crisis Centre. 

And understanding the impact of varied in-fill development, he has championed the importance of a balanced phased-in approach to properly ensure all-types of housing are available in Orangeville.

Despite the impact of the world-wide pandemic during this term of Orangeville Council, he has been readily available for the people of Orangeville no matter how small the issue may be.

Joe Andrews has worked extremely hard in unison with his fellow Council members to accomplish significant results for the betterment of this community.  He wants to see this momentum of recovery continue, yet there is still more to do.


If re-elected, Joe Andrews’ Platform will focus on several key items including. 


  1. Maintain a hardline on residential tax increases while also adopting an effective plan of action to tackle inflationary concerns affecting our community.
  2. Address long-lasting infrastructure projects that must be carefully and precisely implemented such as targeted neighbourhood road and sidewalk revitalization, continued park, and park equipment upgrades, along with the completion in a timely fashion of existing Town projects still in progress.
  3. Strategically examine how best to utilize the financial windfall from the sale of the Orangeville Railway Lands through public consultation to ensure Orangeville is fiscally positioned for the future.
  4. Address the increasing challenges of affordable housing and properly targeted in-fill development.
  5. Continue to advocate and support our growing Senior population in Orangeville.
  6. Ensure the safety of our community through the continuation of properly implemented traffic practices.
  7. Foster our geographic location while championing our investment ready community and workforce.

With a growing community such as Orangeville, having the right people on Council is a must and priority.  Re-electing an experienced voice like Joe Andrews at the table will ensure that things will get done for Orangeville.

Contact information;

Re-Elect Joe Andrews for Orangeville Council

Email;  [email protected]


Phone:  519-278-1079

Joe Andrews – Councillor for Orangeville