My Platform

Long-time Orangeville resident, community champion and current member of Orangeville Council, Joe Andrews seeks re-election as Councillor in the fall 2022 Municipal Election. 

As part of his re-election campaign, his official Platform is announced.

September 5th, 2022


If re-elected, Joe Andrews’ Platform will focus on several key items including. 


  1. Maintain a hardline on residential tax increases while also adopting an effective plan of action to tackle inflationary concerns affecting our community.
  2. Address long-lasting infrastructure projects that must be carefully and precisely implemented such as targeted neighbourhood road and sidewalk revitalization, continued park, and park equipment upgrades, along with the completion in a timely fashion of existing Town projects still in progress. 
  3. Strategically examine how best to utilize the financial windfall from the sale of the Orangeville Railway Lands through public consultation to ensure Orangeville is fiscally positioned for the future. 
  4. Address the increasing challenges of affordable housing and properly targeted in-fill development. 
  5. Continue to advocate and support our growing Senior population in Orangeville. 
  6. Ensure the safety of our community through the continuation of properly implemented traffic practices. 
  7. Foster our geographic location while championing our investment ready community and workforce.

With a growing community such as Orangeville, having the right people on Council is a must and priority.  Re-electing an experienced voice like Joe Andrews at the table will ensure that things will get done for Orangeville.


Contact information;

Re-Elect Joe Andrews for Orangeville Council

Email;  [email protected]


Phone:  519-278-1079

Joe Andrews – Councillor for Orangeville